Crease Club 2011

Many thanks to the generous friends and supporters of Duxbury Lacrosse who became members of the Crease Club in 2011. A special thanks to Gale and Charlie Willauer for sponsoring the event as well as Anne and George Ward and Anne and Bill Weld for supplying the refreshments.

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Crease Club

2Nagle, AidanJr.LSM
3Savery, AlexJr.A
5Griffin, TeddySo.G
6Smith, JakeSo.D
7Crowley, WillSo.LSM
9Coppola, NickJr.A
10Bernier, Luke (C)Jr.A
11Jacobson, JohnSo.M
12MacKinnon, Sean (C)Jr.D
13Allgaier, LeoSo.D
14Parry, KyleSo.M
15Couto, BenjaminSo.D
16McCutcheon, MichaelSo.D
17Record, ColeSo.A
20Walsh, MichaelSo.M
21McDermott, JeffreySo.M
23Stehn, Nick (C)Jr.G
24Houghton, Michael (C)Jr.A
27Giuliano, JamesSo.M
29Brennan, JakeSo.A
32Peters, MattSo.M
34Clifton-Constantino, GeorgeSo.LSM
35Proctor, EricSo.M
36Venturelli, JackSo.LSM
40Donohue, JamesSo.M