Junior Varsity Roster

This is the offical varsity team for the 2017 season!

2Nagle, AidanJr.LSM
3Savery, AlexJr.A
5Griffin, TeddySo.G
6Smith, JakeSo.D
7Crowley, WillSo.LSM
9Coppola, NickJr.A
10Bernier, Luke (C)Jr.A
11Jacobson, JohnSo.M
12MacKinnon, Sean (C)Jr.D
13Allgaier, LeoSo.D
14Parry, KyleSo.M
15Couto, BenjaminSo.D
16McCutcheon, MichaelSo.D
17Record, ColeSo.A
20Walsh, MichaelSo.M
21McDermott, JeffreySo.M
23Stehn, Nick (C)Jr.G
24Houghton, Michael (C)Jr.A
27Giuliano, JamesSo.M
29Brennan, JakeSo.A
32Peters, MattSo.M
34Clifton-Constantino, GeorgeSo.LSM
35Proctor, EricSo.M
36Venturelli, JackSo.LSM
40Donohue, JamesSo.M